Wooden Fencing

Pros of Wooden Fencing

Variety Wood comes in a wide variety that fits all kinds of styles and budgets. Wood, as a material comes in many different colors and forms. You also have the option of staining or painting a wooden fence, this option is not available for aluminum, chain link, or vinyl fencing. 

Fits the Budget Wood fencing is generally inexpensive to repair, compared to other options, in the event of damage. Customers are presented with many options when deciding how much they want to spend. Simple, green treated wood fence options come fairly cheap, however, a higher quality option is cedar, which is more expensive but longer lasting. When it comes to wooden fences there is an option for everyone's personal taste and budget. 

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Wood Fence Options

(All options come in 4ft and 6ft)

Privacy options

Complete Private

Semi-Private One Side Paneling

Semi-Private Dual Side Paneling

Stain Options

Light Oak Stain

Red Wood Stain

Mahogany Stain

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